MB Vision & Mission

Acting in a manner befitting its name and position in every sector it is in, with the principle of success is the greatest happiness ...


“Achieving the principle of “Success is the Greatest Happiness”, MB Holding is a leader in every sector where it behaves, respecting its name and position, keeping the needs of its customers at the highest level, respecting the environment and people, not only in the sector it is in, but also in the society, it is a leader at every point. has set itself as a vision for itself.


  • To continuously increase the capacity of the institution and to create competitive and sustainable growth potential by using this capacity in the most effective way and to manage this potential in a way to add value to its stakeholders,
  • To protect the environment and human health, to create and develop environmental awareness in individuals,
  • To follow technical and technological innovations with a dynamic spirit and to include these innovations in the production process,
  • To work on the development of the country's economy,
  • Reaching our targets faster with colleagues who can use initiative, have the ability to motivate solution-oriented employees, have strong human relations, can work in teams, and have a leading spirit,
  • To produce products and services to meet customers' needs and logical expectations fully and continuously,
  • To give importance to the quality of educated people at all levels with the awareness that the investment in knowledge and person will turn back to it, to prepare and implement the necessary training programs for this and to regularly follow the developments and returns in this field,
  • To carry out continuous innovation and improvement studies in every sector in which it is involved with unlimited R&D studies, to integrate these studies in the best possible way into the existing production portfolio,
  • To keep our continuous and reliable quality line at the highest level and international standards and to be the first choice with our high work ethic,
  • To be always respected with our products and services for our society and business partners,
  • Creating a peaceful working environment, communicating with team spirit and common synergy,
  • To contribute to the economy of the country with our highly prestigious projects that we carry out on a national and international platform with our professional team at all levels.


  • Honesty and transparency,
  • Change and development,
  • Customer happiness,
  • Team spirit,
  • Superior service understanding,
  • Employee satisfaction,
  • Research and development,
  • Entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Respecting the society, environment and ethical principles,
  • Worker healty and safety,
  • Creating value for its stakeholders,
  • To continuously improve its employees,
  • Respect for the law.

MB Group Companies

MB Holding, Construction, industry, clothing, food, energy, daily use items, etc. with more than 10 companies and brands. continues its activities in the sector at full speed ...