MB Message from the President

As the MB Family, we will achieve significant success in the coming years and continue to create added value for the economies of all the countries we operate in.


"Success is greater happiness" we hit the road with the principle of business in our lives, MB Holding Construction, Energy, Building Materials, Agriculture, to indicate after the medical textile sector, I would like one of Turkey's favorite sectors in the tourism sector, we entered the international quality partnership. Another work in the sector is thermal and health tourism. In line with our policy of being a pioneer in every sector we are in, our investment efforts in this sector are continuing rapidly.

Our company, which adopts a business life that respects the environment and human rights in line with our principles, continues to add maximum value to the national economy with its investments, and to fulfill its responsibilities as a sector leader, not only domestically but also abroad.

Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., the establishment of which has been completed in the Salavatlı-Sultanhisar field. Binary System geothermal power plants located within a single private sector power plants that feature the 8.5 MW capacity in taşır.2006 in Turkey Dora-1, while in 2010, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Minister for EU Affairs Mr. Egemen Bagis We opened the Dora-2 with a capacity of 11.5 MWe with their participation. In 2014, we opened our Dora-3A and Dora-3B power plants. Finally, by launching Dora-4 in 2016, we continue our investments in this field. In 2018, our Dora-5 project will operate.

In 2015, we broke new ground and started our project to build the first geothermal power plants of Croatia, the pearl of Europe. Our company, which has obtained the right to search for geothermal resources in the whole of Croatia and then to establish an electricity production plant, will represent our country in Croatia, which aims to meet 35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 ...

as a pillar of our integrated investment related to geothermal If we are increasing our investment in Turkey's most modern greenhouse 4th floor. We have taken the first step of the investments we will make in the agricultural sector with our cooperation with the Netherlands, which is a leader in the field of greenhouse cultivation in the world. With these features, we provide employment opportunities to the villages around Sultan Sera, and with this project, we also contribute to the training of qualified manpower in greenhouse cultivation.

At our geothermal energy facilities, which we operate with an environmentally friendly policy, we now save 45,000,000 USD of Oil and Gas per year, and prevent 77,000 trees from being cut annually. In addition, we prevent 75,000 tons of carbon emissions in total annually. In our greenhouses, we save 300 tons of diesel in heating. These numbers increase even more as our facilities grow. And we are happy to do something for nature, more precisely yesterday, today, tomorrow.

I would like to emphasize that MB Holding is developing, expanding and growing. Of course, as a result of the devoted work of all our employees, we have come to these points as the MB Holding family. Behind our successes are our highly qualified human resources and deep-rooted corporate culture. Thus, we continued our path by succeeding in maintaining our efficiency and profitability. Our goal is to become a dynamic and global company at international standards with the strength we receive from this union. In order to achieve this goal, we need to go through some processes. This process is related to both our working life and the realization of the relations with each other within a system. Therefore, we attach great importance to both institutionalization and communication.

You plant a seedling and hope it will develop. In order for it to develop, you must take all necessary measures and establish the system well. As the MB Family, we will achieve significant success in the coming years and we will continue to add value to the economies of all the countries in which we operate.

Best regards…

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