MB Human Resources Policy

In the holding, which consists of companies in different sectors and different structures, human resources policies are determined to provide flexibility for the special conditions and needs of companies.

In our organization, the human factor is seen as one of the basic elements that make up the success. Accordingly, candidates who are trained in accordance with the position to be placed and who have the competencies required by the job are recruited.

In the holding, which consists of companies in different sectors and different structures, human resources policies are determined in a way that provides flexibility for the special conditions and needs of the companies. The main purpose in the formation of these policies is to determine the basic understanding of MB Holding's practices and priorities for human management.

Bringing Qualified Workforce to the Holding

Human Resources Management,

  • To be the employer preferred by qualified workforce,
  • Choosing and hiring the most appropriate workforce that will carry the Holding to the future, have our core values,
  • To meet future workforce needs with a global perspective and proactive approach in selection and recruitment,


Investing in Employee Development

Human Resources Management,

  • Creating a development environment and opportunity for employees to realize their continuous development and potential,
  • To ensure that managers regularly monitor employee performance by creating a culture in which employees take responsibility for development and support open communication related to this,
  • To direct the development of employees in order to create a qualified, successful, global workforce and leader pool

It is the main responsibility of Human Resources.

Improving and Strengthening the Organization

  • To ensure the continuity of the success of the Holding, the organization, human resources, systems and processes are constantly reviewed and structured in line with the needs,
  • Monitoring the performances of high potential employees and evaluating the holding in line with the current and future needs,
  • Increasing in-house assignments, transfer and rotation practices for the development of employees and the organization

It is the priority of Human Resources.

Total Wage Management and Rewarding

  • Providing competitive salary and benefits package that will attract qualified workforce to the holding and increase employee loyalty,
  • Encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own business results,
  • To recognize and reward the contributions, achievements and high performance of the employees

It is the purpose of Human Resources.

Increasing Employee Motivation and Loyalty

  • To ensure the creation and dissemination of a participatory, sharing, transparent culture that values ​​diversity and creativity,
  • To consider the suggestions and expectations of the employees; to continuously develop approaches to strengthen loyalty,
  • To provide a safe, healthy, ethical values ​​and a work environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life.

It is the target of Human Resources.

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