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MB HOLDİNG :: Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission


Starting with the motto "Success Is The Greatest Happiness," MB Holding has determined their vision as acting befittingly to their name and position in every sector it operates, holding their clients' needs first, being respectful to nature and humanbeing, not only contributing positively to these sectors but also to the public, being a pioneering institution all along the line.


To continuously increase the establishment's capacity and to create competitive and sustainable growth potential through the effective utilization of this capacity and to manage this potential in order to add value to its shareholders.

To protect the environmental and public health, to create and raise environmental awareness

Following technical and technological advances with a dynamic spirit, to incorporate these advances to the production process

To conduct studies on the development of the national economy

To achieve our goals faster with employees who are able to take initiative, are focused on problem solving, have strong personal skills, have team working skills and possess a leader spirit.

To manufacture products and services that will be able to meet the needs and reasonable expectations of clients completely and continuously,

Knowing that investing in knowledge and people will pay off in the long run, to value quality of educated employees and to prepare necessary educational programs for this, to apply them and to regularly track developments and feedbacks in this field

To work on innovation and improvement with limitless R&D studies in all relevant sectors, to integrate these studies into the existing production portfolio,

Holding our consistent and reliable quality line at the highest level and up to international standard, to be favored for our high business ethic.

To be recalled with respect by the public and our business partners for our products and services

To create a peaceful working environment, to connect with team spirit and common synergy

To contribute to the national economy with projects realized at national and international platforms with all levels of our professional team


Honesty and transparency,

Change and development,

Client satisfaction,

Team spirit,

Superior service mentality,

Employee satisfaction,

Research, Development,

Entrepreneurial spirit ,

Respectful of public, environmental and ethical principles,

Worker health and safety,

Creating value for shareholders,

Cultivating employees continuously,


Vision & Mission