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MB HOLDİNG :: History

MB Holding was founded in 1968 by MB Holding Chairman of the Board and Civil Engineer ( Muharrem Balat concurrently with the foundation of Muharrem BALAT Construction Company. 

MB Holding, which since its inception has broken ground and pioneered innovation in  many fields such as  Construction, Textile, Energy, Ready-mixed Concrete, Perlite and Greenhousing, was founded in 1986 when Muharrem Balat established the Muharrem BALAT Construction Company.

Muharrem Balat ,who has had numerous successful projects in undertaking business and is one of the top 10 contractors of our time, later found Baltaş Construction in 1987.  He completed many international projects setting an example for Turkish companies which had not yet ventured into undertaking in foreign countries.

MB Holding Construction Group, which has completed many University, Hospital, Industrial Estate, Mass Housing Complex, Organized Industrial Site, Hydroelectric Plant, Indoors Sports Facility, Stadium and Factory constructions,  today serves in the mass housing sector and has made approximately 30.000 people become landlords since 2002.

MB Construction Group is one of the biggest contractors of the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ); the two projects being completed by Baltas and Balpa Construction with a total of 2500 dwellings in Gaziantep is one of the biggest projects of TOKİ.  Boasting the social effects of the constructions completed, MB Contruction Group takes pride in serving the government and, thus, the public. MB Construction Group prides itself in contributing to economic growth with its construction of industrial plants, to education with university-school buildings, to healthcare sector with hospital buildings, and especially to the low income families with its mass housing constructions.  Satisfying the need for shelter which is one of the most fundamental needs for humanity through healthy, earthquake-resistant and high quality living spaces is one of MB Construction Group's primary goals.  MB Construction Group, viewing every event and project from a technical perspective ever since its establishment, realizes projects in which they use their powerful technical staff and technological equipment that are high quality, earthquake-resistant, aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge technology.

In 1990, Balpa Construction/Textile, which produced cotton yarn, was founded in order to seize upon the potential within the Textile Industry and to diversify investment areas

In 1993, another trail was brazen as the first ready-mixed concrete production plant in Kahramanmaras, Balbet Isolated Ready-mixed Concrete Production Plant was established in order to produce quality concrete and popularize the use of ready-mixed concrete.

Inper Perlite, founded in 1997, is the first and only Perlite Production Plant in the area.   Inper Perlit produces Perlite which is used in heat and sound isolation in construction and as a fertilizer in the agricultural sector and has various areas of utilization in many branches of industry.

MB Holding, boasting advances in construction and textile industries besides  the energy sector, founded Ege Energy in Aydın in 1976 for the appraisal of geothermal energy  integrally and to bring it into economy.  Subsequently in 1999, Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. (MEGE A.Ş.) was founded in Aydın and was aimed at producing electricity from environmentally friendly and sustainable resources like geothermal fluids and at contributing to the national economy.  In May 2006, as Dora-1 of 7.95 MWe capacity started production at the first private Geothermal Energy Plant in Turkey, the Aydın Salavatlı Geothermal site, Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. was put into practice.  Following the 9.50 NWe DOra 2 in 2009; in 2014, the 34 MWe Dora 3 and in 2013, the 17 NWe Dora 4 will be put into practice.

Founded in 2004, 3teks Medical Textiles produces medical sheets, doctor's aprons and surgical sets as well as non-sterile aprons, sheet and cover groups as essential parts of modern medicine.  3teks Medical Textiles, making non-woven fabrics and special production for medical use, owns certificates required both in Turkey and in the world such as TUV 0197 CE, EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 13485:2003, TURKAK, TSEK and TSE. Using the relatively  successful and efficient Gama Sterilization technique in the sterilization of their products, 3teks has disclosed its intention to become a sector pioneer by achieving another first in Turkey.

In 2008, Sultan Sera, a MB Holding company, was established in Aydın to actualize projects for the heating of greenhouses with geothermal resources.

In 2009, City of Istanbul District Tuzla Section 3 1360 Dwellings, 40-classroom Elementary School, 40-classroom High- School and Inter-Island General Infrastructure and Environmental Planning Construction, obtained from the Housing Development Administration  of Turkey, was completed.

In 2010, putting the 11,5 MWe DORA-2 geothermal plant to practice, MB Holding went on to sign an agreement with Hilton Hotels to open the Hilton brand Hampton's Gaziantep branch in 2011. In agriculture and nutrition sectors Sultan Sera which is one of the most modern greenhouses in Turkey built over a 41.400-m2 indoor area went fully into operation.                   The goal was to raise the added value of the resource and to use our natural resources more effectively by making geothermal resources succeed the usage of electricity in greenhouse heating.

1130 dwellings, 3 kiosks and their environmental planning construction in Istanbul's Kayabaşı district Section 11 and Istanbul Kayabasi section 12  788 dwellings one kiosk as well as their infrastructure and planning were obtained from Housing Development Administration of Turkey and completed.

Following DORA-1 Power Plant at a capacity of 9.5 MWe and DORA-2 at a capacity of 11.5 MWe, foundations of DORA-3A and DORA-3B were laid in year 2012 and construction activities were started for the power plants which are both at a capacity of 34 MWe. In addition, MB Holding was awarded the GAP Oscar prize as the Holding of the year from GAP Journalists Association. Mass housing projects were continued with construction of housing estates and industrial estates.
BLT Tourism Company was founded in 2013. Our company entered into a contract with Hilton group and started to serve as Hilton Hampton Hotel for Gaziantep in 2015. We are going to get closer to our objectives as we share the historical and cultural heritage of our country, the nature of our land and our natural sources and beauties. For this purpose, MB Holding has also made investments in tourism industry, supporting introduction of Turkey and assuming this as a mission. Our new objective in tourism industry involves thermal hotels heated by geothermal sources. The first project of the company for the year 2017 will be to restore the historical Akharaka hot springs.
MB Holding maintained energy investments in 2013 and founded BLT Energy and MB Geothermal companies. BLT Energy will establish the first geothermal power plant of Croatia, the newest member of the European Union which aims to meet 35% of its electrical energy demand from renewable resources by 2020. With this project initiated on basis of the principle to protect wildlife, environment and human health and to utilize the natural resources effectively for human benefit, MB Holding will also perform activity abroad in field of energy.
In 2014, DORA-3A and DORA-3B power plants both at a capacity of 34 MWe were successfully put into operation and the foundations were laid for DORA-4 power plant, which is at an installed capacity of 17 MWe. With Dora-4 which will be put into operation in 2016, MB Holding goes beyond the usual service concept in the industry and maintains its local geothermal energy investments with a view to ensure a sustainable achievement.
Throughout its business activity of a half century, MB Holding has become the pioneer of innovatons and performing environmentally friendly production. The company will continue to make numerous achievements with its domestic and overseas projects of modern, robust and reliable quality.