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MB HOLDİNG :: Education and Development
Education and Development

MB Holding takes it as its duty to be a pioneer and to shape the future in all sectors we operate in by adopting perpetual development as a principle and organize trainings that will advance our personal and career skills to directly affect our corporate success. Trainings can be provided from external expert resources depending on their qualities.

Our most valuable investment is our employees.

As MB Holding, we provide different alternatives to our employees in terms of certificates, personal and career development trainings pertaining to the sectors where we are active.

Executive Development Program

As part of the total quality process executive development programs aimed at nurturing executives in accordance with the holding's future plans are conducted.

Employee Development Program

Creating business environments where our employees can constantly learn and develop, and work in the most productive manner and enjoy their work, is one of our objectives. In this manner, we aim at fulfilling business needs with national trainings and increase existing performance.

Education and Development