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MB HOLDİNG :: Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message



In this career path which we have stepped in with the principle "Success is the Greatest Happiness", I would like to state that, as MB Holding, we have ventured into one of the most popular sectors in Turkey, that is tourism, with an international quality partnership following our ventures in the Construction, Energy, Construction Materials, Agriculture, Medical Textile sectors.  Another path we have taken within the sector is thermal and wellness tourism. Our investments in this sector continue at a fast pace as a matter of our principle to become a pioneer in every sector we operate in.

Our company, adopting a business life respecting the environment and people in accordance with our principles, continues to add value to the national economy at maximum capacity, to carry on with our responsibilities nationally and internationally in a manner of excellence as a sector pioneer.

Binary system geothermal power plants of Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. , which we have installed on Salavatlı-Sultanhisar area, are the only private industry power plants in Turkey.We held the opening ceremonies for Dora-1 at a capacity of 8,5 MWe in 2006, and Dora-2 at a capacity of 11,5 MWe in 2010 with attendance by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the EU Minister Egemen Bağış. Moreover, we held the opening ceremonies for Dora-3A and Dora-3B both at a capacity of 34 MWe, and laid the foundations of our Dora-4 power plant at an installed capacity of 17 MWe. Our objective for this year is to put Dora-4 power plant into operation. Our project for Dora-5 will be implemented in year 2018.

In 2015, we started our project to build the first geothermal power plant of Croatia, the pearl of Europe. Our company was granted the right to explore geothermal resources and to build electrical power plants across the entire land of Croatia, and we will represent our country in Croatia which aims at meeting 35% of its electrical energy demand from renewable resources by 2020.

As a part of our integrated investments related to geothermal energy, we are increasing our most advanced greenhouse investment in Turkey by 4 times. We took the first step of our investments in agricultural industry with our cooperation with the Netherlands, the leading country in greenhouse industry of the world. Our project has been implemented in frame of the principles of sustainability and renewability in any sense, and we especially encourage women's employment in our project. Sultan Sera is able to provide employment opportunities for neighboring villages, also contributing to development of qualified labor force in greenhouse industry.


Chairman's Message